56a Infoshop: From 1991 to now!
>>56 Crampton st, London SE17 3ae UK<<

Opening TiMes – Sat 2-6pm
Due to COvid we are now only open Saturdays
check our twitter for news and updates


56a Infoshop is a long-term volunteer-run, 100% unfunded, DIY social centre in Walworth, South London since 1991. We share a collectively-run building with the brilliant Fareshares Food Co-op and the awesome 56a Bikespace.

Come and check us out:

  • we sell radical books, zines, magazines, pamphlets and other printed matter on a wide variety of topics from Anarchism to Zapatistas via everything in between.
  • we have a massive open-access archive so you can read and research about all sorts of radical politics (both local and international).
  • you can hang out and meet people in the space. Tea and coffee is free!
  • find out about what’s going on with other centres, squats, struggles and campaigns.
  • come and help us put on small events in our space. We can offer free meeting space for groups / study groups / book launches etc. We fit about 15 ok inside plus we have the outside large yard space good in Spring through early Autumn.
  • Use our SQUATTERS NOTICEBOARD to meet other squatters, post up info on empty buildings, read legal advice etc.

email us: 56a (at) riseup.net

See here for details of Visiting 56a (map & Directions)



You might like our archive, and our book and zine collection, if you’re interested in…

(trans)feminism, anti-colonialism, anti-globalisation, environmentalism, squatting, anti-fascism, No Borders, queer politics/organising,?anarchism, situationist ideas, autonomism, anti-civilisation, anti-capitalism, radical?pedagogy, diy, bikes, self-care, cooperatives, permaculture, consensus organising, class struggle, black radical histories and loads loads more…


You can see a list of the 1450+ archived books we have here!!

But we have an estimated 70,000 other pamphlets, papers and leaflets in the archive too!

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: To find out more about the history of 56a click here.

If you’re interested in holding a relevant event?here?(for free!), or helping out in the space, come along during opening hours or contact us.
email us: 56a (at) riseup.net